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Kakkayanagar, India

Well Provided by Sysdoc Group

Community name: Kakkayanagar
Population: 1020
Number Of Houses in Village: 126
Old Water Source: The villagers were carrying water from an unclean open well on the outskirts of the village where there would be water scarcity every day
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°49.279N078°52.880E

“We are a poor family. My husband relies on irregular labour work. If we get sick from contaminated water, we aren’t able to get appropriate medical care. So, we’re drinking the water from the bore-well. It’s good water, and my husband is happy now. We’re much healthier than we were before. Thanks to the Sysdoc Group for helping our community, and thanks to drop4drop and the Global Angels Foundation.”

Mrs. Shantamma, 28 years old


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