Nagisettipalli – Aarrowen Llewellyn Davies

Nagisettipalli, India

Well Provided by Aarrowen Llewellyn-Davies

Community name: Nagisettipalli
Population: 1200
Number Of Houses in Village: 168
Old Water Source: Agriculture Borewell situated 3km’s away, this well (first picture below) was powered by electricity so when when their were power cuts the water would be unreachable.
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°43.414N 079°00.436E

“As my husband and inlaws go out to farm early in the morning and return home late in the evening, I have look after all my domestic chores. I have to keep food and water readily available at home by the time of my family members come back. It was hard for me to go next village for water, as I need to look after my baby. Now I don’t have to worry, thanks to the well donated by Aarrowen Llewellyn-Davies through drop4drop & the Global Angels Foundation. Many, many thanks to all of them.”
Mrs. Malathi, 22 years old


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