Nine Children Receive Life Transforming Operations

As you will remember from our December newsletter, all the operations funded by your generous donations at the 2012 Global Angel Awards have now taken place.

£230 covered the cost of the hare lip and/or cleft palate surgery operation for Grace, Venus, Ulses, Jade, Blas, Jhean, Mark and Melchizedek (pictured below) as well as aftercare and medication. These children live in Guerrilla controlled areas that aid workers are unable to access. With the support of our Angels we were able to provide them with accommodation and transport for themselves and a guardian so that they could make this 10hour round trip safely.

During the awards night we raised enough for the 12 operations we had targeted, and they have had life-changing impacts on nine children. We also raised enough to be able to offer the funds for a further eight! All of these surgeries were completed around a fortnight after the event. The final child featured in our Global Angels Awards brochure, Joseph Medoza, proved a little camera shy but is looking wonderful and feeling confident and strong after his operation.

As with all of our project partners, we have a special relationship with our friends in the Philippines, who receive and implement 100% of funds to deliver the operations and change children’s lives. A few words from Pauline, working closely with the children and their families:

“The impact of the operations on the children is profound. The older children have not been attending school as they get ridiculed. Without an operation they have no hope for a good future, they would never get a job and there is no social welfare system here. They are destined to a life living in poverty. It also has an impact on their personality”.

“It is so amazing to see the transformation in their confidence when they look at themselves in the mirror after they have had their operation. I have seen many parents weep when they first see their child, especially the fathers!”

“This impacts the extended family, as they ask us ‘Why would anyone go and look for children who need an operation?’ They had given up hope this would ever happen. The average wage of these families is around 94 dollars each month, so it must have seemed impossible.”

“Thank you, to all of the Angels, from the bottom of my heart.”

We are delighted these operations have been successful and made a sustainable change to these vulnerable children and their families. So delighted, in fact, that we kept looking for more support!

Donors have continued to come forward over the past months and we have sent 100 per cent of these funds overseas to support a further 18 operations. Pre-operation assessments are currently taking place to find18 children who can be operated on, and we look forward to bringing you more news over the coming months.