Who We Are

The Global Angels Foundation is an international charity, transforming disadvantaged communities around the world.

We partner with innovative projects to deliver tangible on the ground resources such as safe drinking water, education and healthcare. We seek to develop, fund and replicate these highly-impactful, sustainable projects across the globe.

We are an international network of ‘Angels’ who put their compassion into action, volunteering time, energy, skills and money to empower whole communities with the resources they need to thrive and become sustainable.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate and support the global movement which is working to make the world a better place for all, by developing, funding and replicating highly innovative, sustainable projects across the globe.

Our goal is to inspire a new generation of philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and givers who know that their time, resources and passions are being invested in a transparent, ethical and efficient way. Our hope is that if we work together we can change the course of history and become a truly sustainable planet.

The Global Angels 100% Promise

100% of your donations go directly to provide tangible on-the-ground resources in their partner projects, such as safe drinking water, education and healthcare.

Private donors fund our operating costs to make this possible. Find out more here.

The 100% Promise Model

From it‚Äôs inception Global Angels made a bold promise to the general public ‚Äď that every penny of their donation would go directly to on-the-ground projects providing tangible resources to transform communities.

Pioneering a new model of charity,¬†we knew the 100% Promise was core to who we are and would become. ¬†We promised to fund our operating expense another way ‚Äď even the credit card fees when online donations were made.

We can do this because our dedicated Angel Club members and Corporate Angels cover our offices, staff costs and our project visits, provide our website and marketing, and everything else, right down to the pens, paper and printer ink we use every day.

These donors are a vital part of our Angel Team and see their investment of time, skills, finances and in-kind donation as essential in building our long term vision, making it possible develop and grow the charity. With their partnership we are able to deliver our 100% Promise each year!