Advisory Board

Members of our Global Team are respected and trusted experts in business, sponsorships, marketing, music, events, sustainability, education,science, health, human rights and charity world. They donate their time, skill, consultancy and expertise to help make Global Angels a thought leader in the charity world.

They play a key role in helping us fulfil our vision. Many are also patrons of the charity, donating their personal funds to help cover operation costs either as Angel Club members or as Corporate Angels, bring their companies in to support us pro bono.  For example: While Sir Kevin Smith was CEO of GKN, raised $1 million for projects in Africa through partnership with Global Angels Ambassador and adventurer,and TV presenter, Bear Grylls. Hamish Dodds from Hard Rock, made Global Angels the company’s global charity in 2007 and raised funds for our Feed A Child Campaign through events and merchandise sold in their cafe and casino outlets in 50 countries.  David Fischette, from Go West, donated the outstanding television display for five hours on the 30 Nasdaq and Reuters Screens in Times Square, New York as part of the launch of Global Angels US. Meganne Houghton-Berry from MHB has donated her marketing consultancy sin 2005.  Karl Doody from 27Stars has donated our new website.  Elia Nicholas from Beyond Certainty donates his time as Executive Director of our Global Angel Awards, alongside myself.

Some support us in researching, recommending, monitoring and expanding the international global network of best practice projects we support. Each project we partner with and champion are personally visited and carefully followed up by one of the Board , Ambassadors or our Global Team.

As we expand into different countries, there are members of this team supporting the development of the charity in that country e.g. Rhonda Kite, Diana Hegan, Wendy Smith, Katherine Corich in New Zealand or Peter and Giannina Wild in Switzerland.

I would like to introduce you to each of them…