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Molly Bedingfield

Berry White

BerryWhite has been a Corporate Angel Partner from 2011-13. Right from the very conception of his exciting new organic drinks range, Andrew Jennings, the founder, had charity as an integral core of his vision in developing the BerryWhite brand. He wanted to partner with a charity that really made a difference in the world, and with our 100% Promise and vision it was a perfect match.

Berry White gives a donation from every bottle sold to Global Angels, pledging a minimum 10% of profit.  Their donation has gone towards covering our operating costs and specifically helping towards covering of office managers salary in 2012 and 2013.

They have also been a sponsor of our Global Angel Awards for 2012 and 2013, contributing product and in 2012 covering our design costs for our event brochure and the cost of one of our PR partners.

Co–Promotion through Product Partnership is just one of the ways Global Angels receives funds when a brand makes Global Angels their preferred charity partner. Co-promotion campaigns are valuable partnerships, whereby a product or service is sold with a specific donation contributing to one of our causes.

Co-promotion with the BerryWhite brand and been a very special partnership and which a their brand has grown has directly benefitted both parties.


Berry White won the Step Up Award at the 2012 Global Angel Awards.
Berry White - award 2012
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