Molly Bedingfield


Walk the World is Informa’s global fundraising initiative when hundreds of colleagues from around the world collectively walk thousands of miles to raise money.

It chose to partner with Global Angels, reflecting its focus on transforming disadvantaged communities around the world.

,p>From New York to New Delhi, Singapore to Sydney and many locations in between, more than 2,000 Informa colleagues from all over the world collectively walked over 17,000km, raising Β£112,388 for some incredible charities in the process. Global Angels was proud to be one of the associated charities and received over Β£20,000 in funds from Informa

Empowerment is one of the key Global Angels solutions and one which we know strikes a chord with Informa too.

With that in mind we set up the Angel Empowerment Fund (Click HERE for more information) last year to support the women in our community projects with seed funding to start small businesses to help them sustain their families

These funds were used to develop businesses such as Chicken Farms, Tailors, Brick Makers, IT Training centres and to build a shade netting agricultural system.

See just a few pictures below of some of the amazing things Global Angels has been able to do thanks to Informa.


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