Omar Alhegelan

Molly Bedingfield National Ambassadors

Omar Alhegeln

“Cheri and I are thrilled to be Global Angels. Please join me in skydiving to “earning your wings” as an Angel.”

Omar was part of the Everest skydive team raising money for Global Angels. He was the cinematographer for Molly’s Everest skydive in 2008.

Omar helped pioneer what is now known as “free flying’ and has received every single accolade related to Freestyle Skydiving. He was part of an international group of amateur and professional skydivers at the Everest Skydive 2008 programme. Highly sought after to perform skydiving stunts for TV, he has completed more than 14,000 skydives and over 200 BASE jumps

Omar holds a new record as one of Everest Skydive 2008’s jumpmasters and videographers in the first ever skydive venture in the Himalayas at 29,500 ft with Mt Everest as the backdrop. He is part of the Everest-Skydive 2009 Team setting further new skydiving records in the Himalayas and raising funds for vulnerable children and sustainable solutions in the Himalayas and across Asia.