Robert Walters

Molly Bedingfield

Robert Walters

We’ve  partnered with global recruitment brand Robert Walters and Giles Daubeney, their Deputy CEO commented:

“We wanted to build a long-term partnership with a charity whose values aligned with ours and Global Angels fitted the bill perfectly. Working with Global Angels has given us the chance to make a difference to Tsavo, rather than just a one-off donation.”

Robert Walters is sending ten staff a year to Tsavo, five in the beginning of the year and five around September and staff are working on the projects they’re contributing to. It’s a fantastic staff incentive and makes people feel incredibly valued but it also provides continuity and gets staff directly involved in developing the corporate social agenda.

Caroline Watkin, Group Communications Director, acted as a pathfinder for the Robert Walters business:

“My experience in Tsavo was life-changing and I could see there was an amazing opportunity for our business to make a real difference to the community in Tsavo over the long-term. We were also attracted by the fact that we could choose to support projects that aligned with our purpose as a business.” Robert Walters places value on developing people. They’re a business that changes lives by finding professionals fulfilling new career moves, so for them, building a classroom for the Marungu secondary school was an obvious choice. Companies can choose to focus on any area close to their heart, from water projects, healthcare, supporting womens’ community groups, feeding programmes, crop propagation – the list goes on.

Embed change in your business If you’re looking to embed change in your organisation and want your people returning to work energetic and enthused then getting staff involved can have fantastic results, as Caroline found: “The level of interest in attending the trip has been phenomenal, we’ve been genuinely taken aback. It’s been a great incentive but there’s real practical benefit too. Attendees are becoming agents of wider change across the business.”

Employer brand Robert Walters has found that employees are genuinely engaged by the partnership with us, not just those attending the trip. Caroline said: “We’ve rolled out a whole communications programme around the partnership and everyone thinks it’s fantastic we’re doing this. People feel proud and it’s great from an employer brand perspective. We have a young workforce and they very much want to work for a purpose driven business and be part of something bigger, so this partnership is ideal.”

Now Robert Walters wants to do more and will be contributing to helping us meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in our Tsavo Project, providing resources for new buildings, a classroom for local school children, water resources  and our organic farm, with staff worldwide raising money for the project.