Chowdarivaripalli – Clive Bannister

Chowdarivaripalli, India

Well Provided by Clive Bannister

Community name: Chowdarivaripalli
Population: 1074
Number Of Houses in Village: 106
Old Water Source: Government provided a small tank. The water from this tank is not sufficient for these 1074 people.
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°49.522N 078°57.108E

“Our water problem is solved, thanks to the new well. My husband and I work in a handicraft Firm. Our financial condition is improving, as we no longer have to take leave from our employer for fetching water, which cuts into our wages. We don’t have to walk all the way to the next village, as there’s clean, fresh water right next to our house. Many thanks to Mr Clive Bannister, the Global Angels Foundation and drop4drop.”
Mrs. Annamma
35 years old.


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