We are working to provide easy access to quality healthcare to over 12,000 in the Muhaka village and surrounding communities

What we are doing right now

Muhaka is located in the Kwale District on the South Coast of Kenya. It is ranked among the poorest in infrastructure and resource development in Kenya – an estimated 70% of the population live below the poverty line, surviving on just 60p a day. With a population of approximately 2,000 people, Muhaka represents an average size village within Kwale District, which is made up of 8 villages. Many children live in unsanitary conditions where many are suffering from debilitating intestinal worm infestations and diarrhoea, resulting in stunted development and disease in young children. Those under the age of 5 are at most risk. Lack of proper medical facilities, poor nutrition and inadequate public and personal health education further compound the problem.

We are working closely with our on-the-ground social enterprise partners on a healthcare project to help transform the lives of the families living in Muhaka. We are raising funds to build and develop a fully functioning and equipped emergency and maternity department that will provide quality care for the local people. Until now, Muhaka hasn’t had a resident doctor at the clinic and the nearest emergency medical assistance is over 15 km away. The only form of transport is by motorbike on a bumpy, sandy road and most people cannot afford this journey costing only £2.50.

It is the 12,000 people from this village and surrounding communities that will be the recipients of the new emergency department at Muhaka clinic. It is highly likely that it will be utilised by many more due to the potential of it being the most well equipped, and staffed, maternity and emergency children’s ward on the South Coast of Kenya. You can read more about the hospital project on the project page below.


Where we are now



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A word from Molly

“ My heart went out to Nurse Tabitha when I met her and saw what an outstanding work she is leading and what a huge load she is carrying. As a nurse and midwife, she works in the day managing the clinic and is on call at night for the women going into childbirth. Midwives in the UK work long hours but are supported with Doctors and other midwives. Tabitha carries this with a skeleton staff.

She is passionate about her work and for the local community and her team. I would love us to really support her and help her as she works to transform this community.

Please consider making Global Angels your charity and if you can make Muhaka your company project. Bring your students or colleagues here and work alongside us. If you are a Pharmaceutical company, support us with your products. Together we can do something amazing. “Molly Bedingfield
Founder and CEO
Global Angels Foundation

Updates from Muhaka, Kenya – coming soon!


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