As the sole hospital in an area the size of 2,500 square miles, the medical centre serves a very poor rural population of 120,000.

The Saboba Healthcare Project is located in Saboba, a town in the remote and underdeveloped northeast of Ghana.

As the sole hospital in an area the size of 2,500 square miles, the medical centre serves a very poor rural population of 120,000. It provides primary maternal and health care services including high-risk obstetrical care, and curative care for all.

Pregnant women and children under 5 are given immunizations and health education to reduce the incidence of malaria, malnutrition, guinea worm, and typhoid. Public health programs are provided to the community and local villages, including nutrition, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, family planning.

The laboratory handles HIV/AIDS testing and anti-retroviral therapy for the entire area, with a focus on pregnant women for the national program for the interruption of Maternal to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS.

The hospital grew from a surplus United States military field hospital left over after WWII, starting as small clinic run by an American couple in 1949 .

Over the years it has been sustained by the extraordinary sacrifices of various nurses and doctors. It has now grown to a 99 bed facility. Until very recently the hospital has been staffed by only one physician/surgeon, Dr. Jean Young.

Pharmaceutical Needs. Facing enormous challenges there is pressing need for various pharmaceuticals and equipment. The hospital would greatly benefit from donated pharmaceuticals, either on a one-time or continuing basis. It primarily uses items on the WHO Essential Drugs List.


Cash and in-kind donations are welcome. Please contact if you are able to help with in-kind donations where you are also able to cover the transportation costs.

Equipment Needed in Saboba Hospital

We desperately need the following items. If this is something you can help with please select from the list below and we will gratefully be in touch to arrange further details.

A word from Molly

“I am excited about this new project being added to our portfolio. Many years ago a couple with a young family left the US to pioneer a healthcare project in rural Tanzania which became the first hospital a very remote area of Ghana.

One doctor only serving 120,000 people, with an amazing outreach, Dr Jean Young is an Angel deserving our support.

Let’s see how we can support her as she works tirelessly to provide healthcare to the communities she has devoted her life to. ” Molly Bedingfield
Founder and CEO
Global Angels Foundation


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