As part of our community transformation programme, we are working to provide safe drinking water to over 100,000 people in the Kasigau Corridor, Tsavo, Kenya. Communities there have been trapped in a cycle of poverty over generations.

The Tsavo Project

Situated in the corridor between the two Tsavo National Parks in one of Kenya’s driest regions, is a land of great beauty, where the local people are living in extreme poverty. Life is particularly difficult for the women who are raising families in very harsh conditions. Providing safe drinking water is one of the greatest needs, with women walking 10-20 km every day to find water it back to their homes in their fight for survival. Our aim is to develop a highly impactful, holistic model of community transformation that can be replicated in other parts of Kenya, Africa and around the world. Connecting and building relationships within the community, we work alongside local leaders to provide solutions in education, healthcare, water, infrastructure and empowerment, including helping women and young people develop their own small businesses.

Safe Drinking Water in Tsavo, Kenya

As part of our community transformation programme, we are working to provide safe drinking water to over 100,000 people in the Taru Desert, Kasigau Corridor. Over the next 5 years,…


Emergency School Feeding Project, Bodeni Pre-School, Tsavo Project

The Tsavo region has been hit by particularly severe droughts and crop failure, making a school feeding programme vital as we work on longer term solutions. Many women and children…


Community Resource Centre

One of our first steps to empower the community was to build our community resource centre to provide a resource base where we could train women and young people in…


Angel Empowerment Fund

Through our Angel Empowerment Fund we give £100-200 startup loans for women and young people to develop small businesses on their land holdings. That same £200, when repaid, will provide…



With a goal to see easy access to water enjoyed by a population of 100,000 people over the next five years, we are initially working to ensure a community of 10,000 have access to water all year round. Clean water will mean that these people can also embrace the hygiene and sanitation practices that support preventative health care. It also creates opportunities for agriculture and farming activities. Ultimately, community transformation starts with water, as without water all sorts of constraints are placed upon the people.


We are developing an educational learning centre for local farmers on our 20 acre organic farm, and an educational programme based in local schools based around rainwater harvesting and agricultural projects. We are engaged in developing a circular economy of which the community are key players. Alongside developing sustainable methods of farming, effective soil management, rain water catchment and irrigation, growing and harvesting crops, local farmers will be able to visit our model poultry and goat farms be trained in mushroom cultivation, fish farming and beekeeping. On the slopes of our farm we are growing crops that are ideally suited to this soil and climate, and which provide higher levels of nutrition than the corn. We are growing green grams, sorghum, chia and millet on the land and a range of vegetables in our shade houses.


We have built and are developing a Community Resource Centre for women’s groups to come together in support of each other and to learn. Setting up the Angel Empowerment Fund with access to 0% interest, small business loans, helps local women start small entrepreneurial businesses. This has been a huge help to these families, enabling them to become more self-sustaining. We are now enlarging that scheme to give young people access to funds for business start-ups.


We are looking forward to the development of a maternity unit for the only clinic in the area. The nearest hospital is an hour away and there are no emergency ambulances to transport people. Once the building is complete we would like to help the unit get an ambulance, incubators and other needed equipment.

It’s exciting to be part of such a dynamic project and we invite you to find out more and join us in helping empower and transform this community. Come on one of our trips and help build new classrooms in local schools and work alongside the Tumaini women.

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A word from Molly

My life changed in a huge way when I visited Kenya in 2013. To be present when the local water holes dried up for the women in the Itinyi community, and to feel with them what it was like to have no water for drinking, washing, animals, household cleaning, no water for their children, and then to imagine walking 10-15 miles every day to get a small supply of water from water holes even further away, water shared with herds of cows and goats, was deeply moving and motivating.

I couldn’t help but feel like the women were my sisters and the children were my children. I felt I must do everything I could to help them transform their situation. I also knew we would be successful in empowering and transforming this community so long as I could bring in the funding, philanthropists and skilled business people to partner with us.

Step Up and join us in this exciting project! Make us your charity and this your company project. Bring your students or colleagues here and work alongside us. Together we can do something amazing. “Molly Bedingfield
Founder and CEO
Global Angels Foundation