Lions, giraffes, orphans, safe drinking water & the miracle of giving hearing!

Over the last few months I have been travelling almost constantly – to Switzerland, the US, Tanzania and Kenya following up projects and developing the Global Angels network. Visiting our projects is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. I love seeing how the funds we’ve raised are directly resulting in thousands of people having the huge burden of struggling to survive lifted from their shoulders. It’s amazing to see the joy in their faces and also a few lions and giraffes on safari!

The trip to Kenya and Tanzania was inspiring. Katherine Corich, Allan Guinan and I were primarily aiming to develop our partnership with Maji-tech Engineering, who are providing 1.9 million people with safe drinking water through the use of their own drilling rigs. Along with a Global Angels grant for $71,000 and a promise of match funding, we are able to give an additional 17,542 people safe drinking water over the next few months.

We visited our existing water purification plant in Eastern Kenya. My son Daniel and I had visited the area two years ago, before the water plant was completed. After four years of drought, we found the people and animals were living in devastating conditions. On my return this year, I was thrilled to see thousands of mothers and children now have access to safe drinking water every day.

The little girl and boy in the photos (above) represent a typical child-headed family in Kenya. Having been orphaned by AIDS, the two youngest children are left with their teenage sister (the girl in red) as their main carer. Every day, this family comes to collect water from the new water point we have provided, and to receive food and education through the local project we are partnered with. Each night they return to their hut in a nearby village. It was amazing to be taking photos surrounded by women who, two years ago, were digging holes in the empty riverbed to collect muddy water to drink. I was especially moved as the whole community broke into spontaneous applause and laughter when they realised it was Global Angels who had provided them with the means to keep their children so healthy.

This project in Kenya is particularly successful in working with the local women to help them in supporting their families and becoming sustainable. Many of the women accessing water from the project are also employed in the surrounding fields to produce organic beans for the European market, and food for their own families. Profits from the sale of the beans go right back into funding the care and education of the thousands of street kids and orphans also under the care of our partner project. It was so inspiring to be able to see first hand the impact these combined projects have had on so many lives.

In Tanzania, we visited a project providing hearing aids for deaf villagers. We were able to work alongside technicians giving many people the ability to hear. In the photos (below), you can see one little girl, delighted to not only hear sound for the first time, but also to hear music as someone held an iPod behind her head. It felt like we were giving them a miracle… something so small made such a difference :).

The trip was hugely successful and we came back freshly enthused to continue to do all that we can to provide many more thousands

of people with safe drinking water and medical care.

Thanks for being an Angel.