Tsavo, Kenya

Angel Empowerment Fund

Several years ago Global Angels were shocked to discover that banks and many charities typically charge the poorest women in the world 25-35% interest on any micro-finance loan.

With that in mind, we set up the Angel Empowerment Fund last year to support the women in our community projects with seed funding to start small businesses. Empowerment is one of the key Global Angels solutions and one which we know strikes a chord with our supporters.

In this new model, the recipient is given seed funding in one or two installments to help her start her business. Repayments begin to be paid back only after the business has begun to become viable. Once the loan is repaid, a final 5% gift is given back into the fund and invested to support another woman in the same community and so the fund grows. Any women in the group who repay their seed funding can ask for another loan to further develop their business and the cycle continues. We decided straightaway to give the ladies a 3-9 month payment free period from receiving the loan before they had to start making repayments. This went down very well as it is much kinder than the standard loan model which demands repayment the first month after receiving a loan. We have found this allows the women to truly develop their businesses without fear of falling into debt. In January we began to see the first repayments being made proving that this model is effective.

The Angel Empowerment Fund has helped fund and found Chicken Farms, Tailoring Businesses, an Internet/ IT training centre and a shade netting project and as of March 2017 has made its second round of investments proving its success as a model.


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