Muhaka, Kenya

Community Clinic

The Muhaka Clinic is currently accessible to over 12,000 people per year from Muhaka and surrounding communities

Global-Angels-Kenya-353_310Global Angels has identified a need for two emergency wards specifically for maternity and children in Muhaka village, Kwale district, Kenya. The clinic is accessible to over 12,000 people per year from Muhaka and surrounding communities, with over 1,000 patients being treated every month. Our priority is to improve the infrastructure of the clinic so that it can provide a more comprehensive service for its patients.

The clinic currently has a consulting room, laboratory, labour room, office, dressings room and immunisation section. Medical facilities in Kenya rely heavily on support from charities and non-governmental organisations.

Therefore, our aim is to work closely with our on-the-ground social enterprise partners to create a fully functioning and equipped emergency department which will provide quality care every day of the year, 24 hours a day. The project will include the construction and furnishing of accommodation with bathrooms for on-call medical staff; and equipping the emergency wards and dispensary with specialist equipment, including an ambulance and microscope.

Until now, the clinic hasn’t yet had a resident doctor and the key staff members they require. Molly Bedingfield visited the project in 2013 and met with some staff members, including nurse Tabatha. Nurse Tabatha is a highly skilled senior nurse, midwife and community leader who is very passionate about her community. She works extremely long hours and is way under staffed for the duties she’s required to fulfill, which creates extreme pressure. Global Angels is now working to provide qualified medical staff for the clinic and emergency department, so that Nurse Tabatha has the support she needs.



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