Mucojo Project, Mozambique

Providing Safe Drinking Water

One of our most exciting projects is the Mucujo Project in Mozambique. Children are the first to suffer at the hands of poverty and the Mucujo region is amongst the poorest areas you’ll find on the planet.

water in mozambiqueWater is an essential ingredient for life, and our aim is to improve the quality of life for people in the Nema Project, by providing safe and accessible drinking water for the communities in Guludo. Due to the holistic approach of the project, providing water goes alongside other vital elements such as healthcare, hospitals, education and basic human necessities.

The reality of it is that until now, the mortality rate for children under five years old in the Mucojo area, has been as high as 30% due to water borne diseases and unsafe drinking water. With the help of Global Angels, this figure has dropped considerably, to 22%. However, this is still too high, when you consider the infant mortality rate in the UK; 5 children die in every 1,000 born per year, which is 0.5% of the total population.

Children have been dying needlessly due to a lack of basic human rights. They are also vulnerable to malaria, malnutrition, HIV and cholera without access to safe water.

In 2008 we embarked on a program in which we built and refurbished water wells providing safe drinking water to 12,000 people in the Guludo area. In 2012, we expanded our reach to improve access to water to 24,000 residents in the surrounding Naunde, Ningaia, Mipande, Crimize, Olumboa, Rueia, Runho, Muituro, Nambo, Messano, Lumamua, Manica, Nambija and Nacutuco villages. Now, we aim to continue increasing the access to water and decreasing the mortality rate. With your help, this can be done through several water initiatives.

These initiatives include the rehabilitation of existing wells and water points, and, where necessary, the construction of new ones. Extensive technical training ensures that communities care for and maintain their own water points. Community water workshops are being held to improve water knowledge as well as hygiene and sanitation practices.

The people living in these communities want to give their children a brighter future. This water program has given the communities an essential and evident transformation.

In Mozambique, it only costs £10 to provide water for one more person for 10-20 years!

Check out the video below to see how your donations have been used for this program so far.


What we are doing right now


Every £10 to donate to this project will provide one more person In Mucujo with safe drinking water for 10-20 years!


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