Tsavo, Kenya

Global Angels Community Support Centre

Empowering Women Through Developing a Thriving Community

At the heart of the Tsavo community is a leader, Mama Mercy, a woman of integrity and passionate resolve, who is inspirational to many thousands of women in Kenya and around the world. In developing our model for this area, we work closely to help her to train women in leadership and to develop prosperous women’s co-operatives and families in the wider Tsavo region.

Mama Mercy has pioneered the successful Tumaini Women’s Group as a thriving community model to replicate within the wider community. One of our first steps has been to build a community centre run by the women. Built on land held in trust for the community, the centre now provides easy and affordable access to safe drinking water to the immediate community, housing 100,000 litres of water storage. The centre also houses several small business initiatives owned and run by the women in the co-operative.

Helping the women in the community to create their own sustainable enterprises will enable them to support their families, educate their children and improve the local economy. This will make a lasting contribution to the women, freeing them from the shackles of poverty. We are initially helping the women develop a small hairdressing business, a kiosk providing very cheap drinking water to the local population, a greenhouse and shade netting project providing fresh vegetables for their families and to sell. Other small businesses will be developed including a tourism based business providing services for Camp Kenya and it’s students, a jewelry and craft shop, and other agriculture-based initiatives.

Although the main auditorium of the centre is completed and the small office and shop space, we are raising funds to build a kitchen, network connectivity, solar power and further small business development.


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