Stories of Success in Kenya! Water For Life…

Global Angels currently provide water for around 6,000 people in tiny villages in a remote part of the Kajiado district of the Masai Mara and in Northern Kenya, where we have funded a water purification project for a community.

Water is pumped from the River Thika to the purification plant and after being filtered and cleansed, safe clean water is pumped through pipes to the surrounding rural community.

The following stories demonstrate the success of the project and the amazing new opportunities given to the communities through the increased water supply. Community members were having to walk up for 18km a day just to reach safe drinking water for their families, this has now been drastically reduced.

We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories direct from the project in Kenya, to help us provide more water.

Oloyiankalani Secondary School’s Agriculture Class

Last year, the Oloyiankalani students planted a large crop of carrots during their agriculture lessons. Thanks to the water that was available, the turnout was so high that even the school kitchen could not use them all up! The school therefore supplied the surplus to the surrounding Esiloyia community for a period of three months.

The agriculture teacher, Mr. Ole Mosiany, has discovered that the soil is very fertile and suitable for growing many different crops. If set up properly, the agriculture activities could provide good, sustainable, income generating activity to the school in the future.

Alice Matura

Alice, a mother from the Esiloyia Maasai community, used to have to endure an 18 km walk to and from the nearest water supply to fetch drinking water for her family. She now only needs to travel 4 kilometers for clean drinking water, saving her a tremendous amount of time each day. By using a donkey to transport the jerry cans the trip is also less strenuous. Alice has even been able to start a small beadwork business, along with several other women in the area, making use of their spare time not spent walking to get water.

Babu Mumanyi

Babu Mumanyi is a so called ‘shamba’ boy, earning a living taking care of someone else’s plot of land. His boss last year allocated him his own ½ acre plot to plant or grow whatever he needed for his own use. Since there is now plenty of water available Babu can grow kales, cabbages, corn and onions on the terrain. The compound looks beautiful as trees, flowers and grass also grow there in abundance. This ‘private’ vegetable garden has cut Babu’s expenses for greens drastically and he now even has a little monthly return from the produce he grows.