Children Rescued From Slavery, India

Kamatipura, in the heart of Mumbai consists of 40 streets, four of which are fully devoted to the commercial sex industry. Around 40,000 women live in the red light district with their children. Our aim is to rescue and care for children here and in other cities in India, at the risk of child prostitution.

As well as the daily fight for survival, these children are also at risk of being trafficked into the sex industry. This is particularly so for daughters of commercial sex workers and orphans. Female children of commercial sex workers living with their mothers under the control of the brothel owner will often end up in prostitution. Children of commercial sex workers are stigmatized by society receiving poor education and health care. With no employment option open to them, they follow their mothers into the world of prostitution.

The main obstacle for the police in the cracking down on child prostitution is the lack of rehabilitation services and where to place and reintegrate any of the children that they rescue. Working with the local authorities in addressing the problem the project provides immediate sanctuary and the longer term residential homes to care for children rescued from sex slavery.

Our partners here are working to end child prostitution, to rescue and rehabilitate children that are orphaned or abandoned in the red light district, some of which have been trafficked. The scale and vision of this work is only possible because they have won the trust and respect of the community and working with the local authorities. Once children and young people are rescued, safe homes provide a haven of hope for them. In safe environments they are offered kindness, counseling and rehabilitation. Through healthy relationships they are able regain trust and begin or complete their education. Where possible they are taken back to their homes and families who are offered help out of poverty through micro-credit and enterprise. For those where it is not safe to return, they are given longer term safe homes and continued education.  They are cared for and  helped to rebuild their lives.

We are passionate to support the girls and young people who have been rescued.