The Independent, December 2010

Molly Bedingfield, Global Angels’ Founder, had an interview with Rob Griffin for an article in The Independent in December 2010. The article, ‘How To Give A Helping Hand To Small Charities,’ discusses some of the issues small charities may encounter compared with other, larger charities.

In the interview, Molly highlights the importance of our 100% Promise and our mission to provide today’s intelligent givers with the knowledge their money and passion to help kids in need is really helping the cause.

“We have a large network of smaller charities and projects that are doing an excellent job but need help to move them on to the next stage of their development,” explains Molly. “Everyone that donates knows that their money is making a real difference.”

Hopefully Molly’s interview will encourage more people to become Angels and help kids, safe in the knowledge that their donations are covered by our 100% Promise!