Winners 2013

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Business Game Changer – Tommee Tippee

Large and medium businesses effecting transformational change by embedding integrity, social responsibility and sustainability across their business.

Business Leader – Katherine Corich

A role model CEO who is taking a long term view of business and society, by incorporating ethical and social principles into the very core of who they are and how they run their business

Business with Exceptional DNA – Camps International

Organisations and industry leaders who incorporate ethical and social principles into the very core of their business model. Taking a long term view of business and society they encompass social responsibility and a commitment  to communities locally and internationally

Social Change Maker – Peace One Day

A volunteer/ other organisation that leads the way in transforming our world

Outstanding Corporate Angel – 27 Stars, Beyond Certainty, LED Poison, BGI International, MWB, PR and Everything in Between

Organisations that are outstanding members of our support team, providing Global Angels with funding and resources to support our operating costs, helping us deliver our 100% Promise. 

Voice For Good – Esther Rantzen, Jeremy Gilley,  Jude Law

One individual or two individuals together using their influence to make a significant contribution to society showing dedication, commitment and courage.

Heart of Gold – John Caudwell, Hofit Golan, Lizzie Cundy, Tamara Ecclestone

Jonathan Park

Individual using their influence and generosity to significantly empower and support philanthropic endeavours

Inspirational Angel – Mama Mercy

An individual who amazes, inspires and motivates others through their dedication and courage, driven by a compassion to help the disadvantaged, they share their skills and develop tools empowering people to turn their lives around.

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