Mudumala – Katherine And Genevieve Corich

Mudumala, India

Well Provided by Katherine and Genevieve Corich

Community name: Mudumala
Population: 1250
Number Of Houses in Village: 145
Old Water Source: The villagers were carrying water from an unclean open well on the outskirts of the village where there would be water scarcity every day
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°54.525N 078°55.102E

“Many, many thanks to Katherine and Genevieve. The new well doesn’t only relieve our domestic and drinking water needs, but also helps us with our personal and local hygiene. My 4 children can now take baths in the morning and evening, when previously they were only bathing twice a week because of the scarcity of water. Because we’re able to stay clean we’re healthier, and don’t need to visit the doctor as often.”
Mrs. Rajamma
39 years old


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