Esiloya Masai, KENYA

The Esiloya Masai community is made up of many tiny villages in a remote part of the Kajiado district of the Masai Mara. Long term droughts over the last 10 years have caused severe problems for the families in this region.

What we were doing in the Masai Mara – Project Completed

Masai grl
We completed a wonderful project partnering with the local families and education authorities, to provide school buildings, education for school age children and water for the wider community.

We built the first ever secondary school in the area, providing for 350 children between 14-18 years of age has been completed with Global Angels funding. The new water well provided surpassed everyone’s expectations and now supplies safe drinking water for 6,000 people in the wider catchment area through pipelines to five villages.

Education gives a community and individuals so much more choice in how they live and a chance for a more sustainable way of life. Providing nutritious school meals for the children each school day guarantees most children will attend school. The boys who would normally be tending to the animals and the girls who would normally be married off by 12 years, are much more likely to be able to continue their education.

This project is outstanding in it’s respect of the local community and the way it helps to empower families and children.



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