100% of your donation goes directly to provide tangible on-the-ground resources such as safe drinking water, education and healthcare.

black and white 100 promiseWe make it easy for you to make a difference!

The 100% Promise makes any size donation significant.

For example, every £10 donated to our water programme provides 1 more person in Africa with safe drinking water for 20 years.

This is because that £10 goes directly to the projects on the ground.

The 100% Promise Model

From it’s inception Global Angels made a bold promise – that every penny we received from public donations would go directly to provide tangible on-the-ground resources in the projects we partnered with.

Pioneering a new model of charity, we knew the 100% Promise was core to who we are and who we would become.

Private donors fund our operating costs.

We can deliver the 100% Promise because our dedicated Angel Club members, and Corporate Angels cover our offices, staff costs and our project visits, provide our website and marketing, and everything else, right down to the pens, paper and printer ink we use every day!

These donors are a vital part of our Angel Team and see their investment of time, skills, finances and in-kind donation as essential in building our long term vision, making it possible develop and grow the charity. With their partnership we are able to deliver our 100% Promise each year!


To find out more about Gift Aid and whether you are eligible for it, please click here