Empowering families by giving them the tools they need to thrive and become sustainable is foundational to community transformation.

Long term, sustainable solutions look at the whole community, working on each level to develop and resource them in such a way that the community is then able to resource and keep on transforming itself.

Our community development projects provide a wider range of resources, such as safe drinking water, education, school feeding programs and healthcare.


Dirty drinking water kills more children than war, HIV, malaria and traffic accidents combined. Easy access to safe water directly changes people’s lives, promotes health, raises life expectancy and lowers... Find Out More


Access to education is denied to children throughout the world and the statistics are heartbreaking. Education is the single best investment countries can make towards building prosperous, healthy and equitable... Find Out More


Wherever Global Angels partners to provide healthcare, the projects are always part of a community development project providing a wider range of resources, such as water, education and school feeding... Find Out More


We give grants to provide resources that help transform individuals and communities. Giving young people and women’s co-ops a step-up by providing them with skills training, small business grants and... Find Out More


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