Kamakwie, Sierra Leone

orphan in kamakwieCountless street children find themselves facing a continuous battle each and every day on the hustling streets of the cities of Sierra Leone. Many lost parents during the civil war and have lived for years with the street as their home, sleeping in the markets at night or in old rusted boats and sheds. Children work during the day on rubbish tips; some find money by carrying bags for people and others are left with no choice but to scavenge, beg or turn to crime and drugs.

Almost all of the children in the Kamakwei Children’s Village had never been inside a classroom before being welcomed into the community and without our intervention, would never have had the chance. Spread over 3 acres, facilities now consist of four accommodation buildings for 60 boys and girls, four large school blocks, a water pump, gardens, kitchen, toilet blocks, bucket showers and a large play area.

The Kamakwei Children’s Village is becoming a self-sustaining community through developing local enterprise, micro business and training opportunities for the children, especially the older teenagers as they graduate secondary school. Training in skills such as bee keeping, farming, sewing and small business management help the children learn and develop capabilities that will allow them to support themselves and their community in the future.

Global Angels provided the funds to build the first classroom block along with solar panels for electricity. In 2009, a devastating fire that tore through the home during the night. Funds we raised built the new home for the children. We have provided two minibuses, mattresses for the children to sleep on and funds to develop their new agriculture venture. We sponsored 300 children to receive free school meals for 3 years through our school feeding programme.

One of the greatest problems facing orphaned children or children from the poorest families is access to school. Small fees block large numbers of children from ever going to school. The existing school in Kamakwie is a glowing example of how successful providing free primary education can be. Currently, 1000 children are being educated the primary and secondary schools in this project.


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A word from Molly

“In 2007 Global Angels partnered with Orphfund, a start-up charity, to help them develop their first Children’s Village in Kamakwei, Sierra Leone. The village lies seven hours north of the capital, Freetown, and is an area that had received little or no aid for decades due to its remoteness.

Founder, Steve Argent, had used his own funds to build the first buildings. Practicing a 100% Promise on donations, he was totally passionate and committed to helping children in his projects get the best opportunity to feel loved, be cared for and become successful. He had thought through many aspects of the long term solutions that would transform whole communities and villages through his work and it was exciting to partner with him.

It’s been a pleasure to support his vision and to see the development of this project and his charity.”
Molly Bedingfield
Founder and CEO
Global Angels Foundation


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