Ndalani KENYA

Ndalani Project brings Community Transformation in Rural Kenya

How we have been involved in this project since 2005

Completed: Providing Education for Street Kids & Orphans

This faith based children’s village in Northern Kenya, rescues and rehabilitates street children and orphans from the massive Kibera slum surrounding central Nairobi, and other city slums throughout Kenya, providing…


Safe Drinking Water in Ndalani, Kenya

There has been a devastating drought in Kenya over recent years, with almost 10 million people on and off the verge of starvation in many of the rural areas. A…


Sustainable Community Development, Ndlani

In one of the poorest regions of rural Kenya, an award winning social entrepreneur and his family are developing a project that has sustainability built into the core of it's…


This is one of the most outstanding sustainable community development projects in Africa, with an award winning social entrepreneur and his family who are developing a project that has sustainability built into the core of it’s foundations.

Incredibly, this faith based project is currently home to 1,000 street kids and orphans (6,000 over the last 20 years), while also facilitating over 100,000 farmers in the Ndlani area to implement organic farming and tree planting programs on their farms, in an area that was once almost barren. The project itself is gradually becoming more self-sustaining through developing it’s own commercial organic farming. Organic beans are grown in the industrial greenhouses and currently provide much of the Europe’s organic french bean supply. Income generated is invested back into the farm and the village project making it 40% sustainable. With new greenhouses and a with new packing plant, the project will soon become 70% sustainable. Farming chicken, cattle and goats means the rescued children in the project are provided much needed dairy produce and protein for meals, helping the orphan project become self-sufficient. Many of the young people in having graduated the rehabilitation program, gained further education in organic farming, agriculture and development, now provide the leadership and staff of the Community Development Program.

Through employing local women to work in the greenhouses, gardens and packing plant, families have been empowered and women have been gaining a sense of self worth and have been able to provide for their children. Over 1 million trees, grown by the women, have been donated to the Mount Kenya reforestation program.

Safe drinking water is one of the greatest needs in Africa and particularly in the area where drought occurs most years and there is little water underground. The nearby Thika River is unsafe for human consumption and is either in flood or almost empty in times of serious drought. Global Angels has funded a water purification plant drawing water from the Thika and providing safe drinking water to 20,000 people in the Ndlani area.

In 2014 our efforts will focus on providing access to safe drinking water for the wider Ndalani community, further education grants and start up funds for small business to empower the young people in the project.


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A word from Molly

“My life changed in a huge way when I visited Kenya in 2013… To be present when the local water holes dried up for the women in the Itinyi community, and to feel with them what it was like to have no water for drinking, washing, animals, household cleaning… no water for their children, and then to imagine walking 10-15 miles every day to get a small supply of water from other further away water holes…water shared with herds of cows… was deeply moving and motivating.

I couldn’t help but feel like the women were my sisters and the children were my children. I felt I must do everything I could to help them transform their situation. After meeting Mama Mercy I knew I had found someone with a heart of Gold – a real Angel who passionately cared for and loved all the people in her community. Finding her a dynamic leader with integrity and skills in building a team of women who could train other women, I knew I had found a soul mate and partner to work closely with. I also knew we would be successful in empowering and transforming this community so long as I could bring in the funding, philanthropists and skilled business people to partner with us.

Camps International is our dynamic on-the-ground partner here is Kenya. Together we are a force to be reckoned with. Students join Camps each year, volunteering for environmental projects and supporting development of schools and the local community.

Step Up and join us in this exciting project. Make us your charity and this your company project. Bring your students or colleagues here and work alongside us. Together we can do something amazing. “Molly Bedingfield
Founder and CEO
Global Angels Foundation


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