Andhra Pradesh, India

In India there are nearly 100 million people without access to clean water, with 186,000 children dying every year as a result of unsafe water and poor sanitation.

What we are doing right now

100 Water Wells for 100 Villages, India

Global Angels is working to facilitate clean water provision through water wells to the poorest communities, where that need is currently not being met, in the rural and neglected areas…



Imagine if you lived in Andhra Pradesh, India,  you are one of the ‘untouchables’, the lowest caste, and that you are a parent with the same the dreams we have for our children – that they would be happy, healthy, and have an opportunity in life to succeedImagine being one of those same people, and not being able to protect your children from disease because the only water you could provide wasn’t safe to drink.

The water crisis is a real issue in India and in the state of Andhra Pradesh, this is no different. Andhra Pradesh is in a drought prone region. More often than not, it is the woman and children who have to walk up to 12 km to collect sufficient water, which is often dirty and unsafe. Not only is water a health issue, but it is also a gender and economic one. With the development of clean water wells in the centre of villages, children are more likely to attend school, woman work a job, not to mention health benefits, all increase.

It only costs £2,500 to give a village safe drinking water for 10 years. That’s 1,300 people!