Our solutions are strategically designed to equip individuals and their communities to turn their lives around, family by family, village by village, and in so doing build their own model for sustainability.

MICROCREDITWe give grants to provide resources that help transform individuals and communities.

Giving young people and women’s co-ops a step-up by providing them with skills training, small business grants and equipment gives them the means to thrive and become sustainable. We provide funding for further education, including apprenticeships such as carpentry, farming or baking, for both men and women.

Improving quality of life currently requires bank and micro-finance loans – organisations in Kenya currently charge them 25-35% interest! Trapped in a crippling cycle of poverty, these high interest finance loans makes it very difficult to escape a life of impoverishment and hardship. By helping the women in the co-op, in the Tsavo Project for example, to set up several sustainable businesses, they will be able to support their families and create hope for future generations.

Global Angels has also provided funding for many young people to complete scholarships to give them further education in Africa, and micro-loans to start their first small business after gaining their apprenticeships.


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A word from Molly

There is a cry coming from the hundred of millions of people suffering on the earth today.

When I founded Global Angels in 2004, it was with a dream – to inspire people from all walks of life, to Step Up and build an international network of Angels who, in our combined efforts, would empower the world’s most vulnerable children and communities.

The needs in this world seem overwhelming, but I believe that together we can change the course of history and turn things around. Everyone has their chance to make their mark on the world and leave a legacy that counts.

This has become my life’s passion. I invite you to join me.

Step Up and be an AngelMolly Bedingfield
Founder and CEO
Global Angels Foundation


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