Micro Businesses for Older Children

These micro businesses will provide essential opportunities to our older children once they have finished secondary school. Children from both projects in Kamakwie and Freetown would benefit from this.

  • Shop to sell cold drinks and act as a small general store.
  • Barber Shop offering haircuts to the public.
  • Basic Beach Hut for selling local food and cold drinks.
  • Cinema Hut, a small hut showing films to the public

Total Business Costs – £3000

One of our great successes has been sending Minibuses to Sierra Leone from the UK, that are packed full of valuable items for the children. On their arrival they are used as a taxi service which creates a daily income that to cover the costs of feeding all the children and wages for local staff.
Bone more bus would make the project completely sustainable through local means.
Cost – £5000

Medical Motorbike
Run in a similar way to that of the minibus.  The motorbike would be purchased in Sierra Leone and run as a taxi. All the profits from this venture are to be invested into a savings account to cover medical costs of any of the children when they are sick.
Cost – £1200

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