‘Angels’ are people who put their compassion into action…

Who We Are

The Global Angels Foundation is an international charity, transforming disadvantaged communities around the world.

We are an international network of ‘Angels’ who put their compassion into action, volunteering time, energy, skills and money to empower whole communities with the resources they need to thrive and become sustainable.

Drawing on an international team of professionals and volunteers, we work closely with carefully chosen local partners, providing vision, mission and strategy input, alongside on-the-ground management support.

Our funding helps to build long term capacity and sustainability of each project, providing resources for each community such as safe drinking water, health care, education, sustainable energy and small business development.

Our Vision

As a development organisation, our vision is to develop, fund and replicate highly innovative, sustainable solutions to empower communities, family by family, village by village in projects across the globe.

Supporting the global movement which is working to make the world a better place for all, our goal is to inspire a new generation of philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and givers who know that their time, resources and passions are being invested in a transparent, ethical and efficient way.

Our hope is that if we work together we can change the course of history and become a truly sustainable planet.

The 100% Promise   

“Every penny we receive from public donations will go directly to provide tangible on-the-ground resources such as safe drinking water, education and healthcare…”

Our Angel Club members and Corporate Angels fund our operating costs to make this possible.

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“I’m a passionate believer in Global Angels as one of the most effective ways of reaching the worlds most needy communities.”

Bear Grylls

Adventurer & Global Angels Ambassador

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