Mumbai, India

If you saw Slumdog Millionaire, you know the story for many children on the streets of Mumbai, India.

Please note our partnership with this project has come to an end.

In recent years Global Angels teamed up with human rights group that rescues and rehabilitates orphaned and abandoned children from the red light district in Mumbai, India. This important work provides an escape for these children from the life of slavery in the commercial sex industry.

Our partners currently sustain 4 homes outside Mumbai and a shelter in the heart of the red light district. Two residential homes now house over 100 children rescued from the red light district. The Jubilee Shelter provides a safe sanctuary for children while their mothers work and the Halfway House for older girls who have left the residential homes, helping to regain independence while still being supported.

The team rescue children and young people from brothels and give them a new home and life away from the commercial child sex industry and slavery. The children saved have either been abducted from their homes and sold into the sex industry or they are toddlers or very young children born to a young prostitute woman who is desperate to ensure their children escape their ‘prison.’

They are nurtured in a safe and caring environment and given a new identity as “very loved and precious children” with a positive future. They all go to school, most go on to further education and many go on to university. All are given the opportunity to pursue careers and develop their potential in life.


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