How can we guarantee the 100% Promise?

Although we are headquartered in the United Kingdom, every project is thoroughly monitored and audited, and open to scrutiny by our Board, and every delivery organisation that we partner with must agree to abide by our ‘100% Promise’.

How does Global Angels choose which projects to support?

We have projects in a large number of countries in Africa, India and South East Asia. At present, our major focus is on Tsavo in Kenya.

In each, we partner with reputable charity organisations whose focus matches our own: to transform communities and have a significant, sustainable impact on their standard of living. Our funding prioritises core resources: safe drinking water; health care; education; sustainable energy, and; small business development.
Every local partner we choose is an expert, with a proven track record of success in projects similar to ours and a pragmatic, on-the-ground approach to dealing with issues first-hand.

These ‘on-the-ground’ projects are designed to equip individuals, and their communities, to turn their lives around; family by family, village by village and in doing so, unlock their potential.