How can we guarantee the 100% Promise?

Every delivery organisation that we partner with must agree to abide by our ’100% Promise’. This means that all of our partners must only use the grants gifted to them on project resources and nothing goes to covering their administrative or other operating costs. This is monitored and audited thereafter, to ensure the 100% promise is adhered to by all.

How does Global Angels choose which projects to support?

We partner with outstanding and reputable charity organisations that run projects to transform communities and have a significant impact on the standard of living. These charities have a track record of transforming communities and a pragmatic, on the ground approach to dealing with issues first hand. We support projects which provide: safe drinking water, education, health care, micro finance and renewable energy to improve the quality of life in these communities.

These ‘on-the-ground’ projects are designed to equip individuals, and their communities, to turn their lives around; family by family, village by village and in doing so, unlock their potential.

 How do we know the funds are used in the right way?

1. Recommendations from trusted experts

Our partner projects are researched, selected and monitored by the Global Angels International Advisory Board, made up of highly skilled experts in the charity, humanitarian and business world who bring in their specialist skills and personal knowledge to each project we support.

2. Proposal writing

Global Angels invites carefully selected partners to make an initial proposal for a grant to capacity build and resource their project. We take care when selecting these potential future projects.

3. Research

Both rigorous research methods and vetting procedures are contributing factors to choosing the projects we trust. Through prior research, proposals and planned use of grants we create a longstanding relationship with the communities we work with.

4. Decision making

A carefully selected International Project team make the decision to partner with projects and where to designate a grant. Once Global Angels decides which projects to fund, we agree with the charitable partner on the exact use of funds and the necessary monitoring, feedback and accountability procedures through a detailed contract.

5. Release of funds

Only when contracts are in place and we, as a Foundation, have complete confidence in the project; will the first instalment of grant funds be released. Once the project has been in progress for 3-6 months we reassess its development and ask for feedback on the support being given.

6. Monitoring

Projects are closely monitored and audited by our team, and if, for any reason, a partner was not to use funds as agreed in contract, we would terminate the partnership.

7. Best Practice

As a Foundation we have a clear policy of supporting children’s projects that fit best practice models, adhering to ‘Rights of the Child’ and ‘Human rights standards’ criteria determined by the United Nations.