Update: Andhra Pradesh – 100 Wells for 100 Villages

Andhra Pradesh, India

100 Wells For 100 Villages

In spite of the recent goings on in our hometown of London, England, we have recently been feeling a very strong positive shift, an alignment in our lives which feels truly transforming and encouraging on so many levels.

We are using this positivity to make some real progress on our projects. Before I go any further I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who have donated over the last month or two. We feel very encouraged by your incredible support and generosity. I think so many people are happy to support us because they feel safe in the knowledge that their entire donation is being spent on the ground supporting the people that it is intended for.

We are currently updating our donation systems so a number of you may have not yet received a thank you letter when you donated online. Please feel assured that your donation is on its way to support the community or solution you specified. We will be reporting back to you over the coming months with details and pictures of the projects you chose to support.

In this update, we want to tell you about our work in India. We have been supporting communities in Andhra Pradesh and the Maharashtra state for a few years now and whilst we have had so many positive and encouraging successes, there is still so much more to do.

In India there are nearly 100 million people without access to clean water
186,000 children are dying every year as a result of unsafe water and poor sanitation

Global Angels is proud to be running the ‘100 Wells for 100 Villages’ campaign. Our dream is to transform the lives of over 100,000 people in rural India by improving accessibility to safe drinking water in 100 villages.

Families in the poorest villages currently rely on overhead water tanks, open wells or lakes, all prone to contamination through animal waste or stagnation. These sources also tend to completely dry up in the summer months. Many families have to travel up to 12km each day to collect water.

The new wells we have built offer easy access to safe drinking water in the heart of each community, reclaiming thousands of lost hours given to water collection and the pain and suffering of water-borne disease. This means that adults in the community can focus on developing a business while children can concentrate on gaining an education, helping to secure a future free from poverty and disease.

Since 2013 we have been able to fund 29 wells in 29 villages
bringing safe drinking water to 37,700 people

We are so happy to share with you some beautiful pictures that show the impact that providing a well to a community has for its people. I’m hoping that you too will feel inspired.

With our 100% Promise model, this campaign, in particular, is so rewarding for our donors and Corporate Angels as we can provide in-depth reporting and statistics of their donation and details of how many people it is directly supporting. Any group or individual able to raise £2500 will have a personalised plaque placed on the well along with gps coordinates of its location.

Below is a video of the incredible progress we have made providing safe drinking water directly into people’s homes in a small rural village in the Maharashtra State of India. Each of the 51 households now has running water for the first time!

On our last trip there we were accompanied by Global Angels Ambassador and hotly tipped starlet RAYE (pictured below) and we will have some amazing footage of that trip to show you soon.


What is happening in Andhra Pradesh

It only costs £2,500 to transform a whole village in India, Thats only £2.50 per person with water for 10 years!


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