Molly Bedingfield National Ambassadors


“Being asked to be an Ambassador for Global Angels is incredible. Every person deserves an equal chance and opportunity to give life your best attempt by working to achieve. It sickens me to know that some people can’t do this, not because of lack of effort but simply lack of nutrition and resources. I have seen evidence of the incredible work that Global Angels do and this is why I feel truly privileged to be part of this organization. Having visited some areas in the continent of West Africa, which is where many of my family are from, I have seen for myself the effects of lack of nutrition and education but I have also seen how a small amount of money can make a huge life changing difference. Through the workings of Global Angels and my music, I will do my utmost to contribute where ever I can.”

Having begun her song-writing career at the delicate age of 10, RAYE continued on to play small charity gigs and sung at her local church. Describing music as being “all around me”, thanks to her musician parents and grandfather, at now 17 years of age, RAYE is carrying on the family tradition by releasing her first EP entitled ‘Welcome to the Winter.’ Crediting Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill and Drake as some of her biggest inspirations, her debut is an exciting compilation of electro-fused R’n’B. Having being compared to Lorde, RAYE sounds older than her 17 years, and injects the depth and urgency we’ve come to know from a Rihanna ballad into every one of her tracks. With sharp insight and intelligent wit, RAYE talks us through her life, her inspirations and growing up as a young woman in the music industry.