Ndlani Project, Kenya

Sustainable Community Development

Many of the young people having graduated from the rehabilitation program, gained further education in organic farming, agriculture and development, are now leading on the Community Development Program.

Incredibly, this project is currently home to over 1,000 street kids and orphans. Over the last 25 years, Charles and Esther Mully have become adoption parents to over 10,000 children and have turned their “retirement farm” into a self-sustaining farming project and rehabilitation home for all the children.

Organic beans are grown in the industrial greenhouses and currently provide much of the Europe’s organic french bean supply.  Income generated is invested back into  the  farm and the village project making it 40% sustainable.  With new greenhouses and a with new packing plant, the project will soon become 70% sustainable.

The vegetable farming, production facilities and natural forest nurseries are staffed by local women, donating local farmers with vegetable and tree seedlings, and 1 million trees to the Mt Kenya reforestation program.

Over 100,000 farmers in the Ndlani area are now implementing organic farming and tree planting programs on their farms, in an area that was once almost barren.

Safe drinking water is one of the greatest needs in Africa. Global Angels has funded a water purification plant, providing water to 20,000 people in the Ndlani area. Huge storage dams provide the farm in Yatta with water. Chicken, cattle and goat farming  provides much needed diary produce and protein for food.

The next phase of development includes creating an international University of Sustainable Development, where students can study while developing practical and sustainable solutions for Africa.


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