Making Kamakwie Sustainable

Since the project  opened they have invested in various schemes to help take steps in making the village a self sustaining one, that can create an income locally to cover its ongoing costs. This provides an ownership and empowerment to the local community and avoids aid projects that simply continue to throw money without solving the problems. In each program emphasis is placed on developing farms, rice plantations and gardens all of which help  grow food and produce internally. Small businesses have been established to generate a local income that is fed directly back into the center.  Investment in farming and local enterprise allows locals to find employment as well as have ownership towards the success and longevity of the project.

  • Rice Farm – 13 acres of rice
  • Sock Monkeys/sewing – Employment of locals to make sock toys, profits of which are fed back into our centre.
  • Minibus – A minibus has been shipped over from the UK which now operates as a taxi service, this generates a income locally that covers almost 30% of our ongoing costs.
  • Ground nut crop – Ground nuts are grown each season for the children.
  • Fruit plantation – Guava,orange,banana have all been planted around the perimeter of the village.
  • Farming – Chickens and goats are bred to produce food for the children and to sell.

Step Up… Help Make Kamakwie Sustainable