Esiloya Masai Project, Kenya

Water for Five Villages

In Esiloya Masai we are Providing Water for Five Villages

Impact of Maasai borehole project (2)Long term droughts have caused severe problems for the families in this region for decades.

Global Angels has provided 5 new water wells that now supply safe drinking water for 6,000 people in the wider catchment area through pipelines to 5 villages in the community.

Before the wells were installed,  community members were having to walk up for 18km a day to collect safe drinking water for their families and their lives are being transformed.

Alongside providing water, we also built a secondary school for 350 children – the first secondary school in the area. Prior to this only one child per school year from each village was able to receive education above primary level requiring them to live away from home at great expense to the family.



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