Abraxys Global Run for Global Angels

Abraxys Global have been a great partner with us over the last five years. Some of their team successfully ran the Virgin Sport British 10k on the 9th of July 2017 raising over £2,500 for our Tsavo Project in Kenya. We are so encouraged by their fundraising efforts and with our 100% Promise, every penny they raised went directly on the ground to the project. Those funds are already having a huge impact, helping build the 150,000 litre water tank on our new land. From January 2018, the tank will contain harvested rain water to provide drip irrigation for the organic crops being grown by local women as part of our sustainability programme. (See the photos below)

Kane Simpson on the left was team leader and has been out to Tsavo with us in 2016 and is planning to join us in April for the next volunteer trip. He was joined by Laura Cole, Bob Hudson, Imee Basaen, Mark Watson, Grant Watson and Dave.

This region not only has a short rainy season, but there is also very little ground water and not many productive wells which makes water very scarce in the region, so collecting every drop of water for watering plants and day to day needs is vital.

The next phase of the project is harvesting, selling seed and food we have grown to the locals, training them further, building a second masonry tank, terracing the land below the shade houses, building a small factory to handle the crops, followed by beginning to build water pans and drill boreholes in the valley.

Below you will find some pictures of the transformation we have been bringing to Tsavo.

Right across the valley we will be building water pans, digging boreholes, building shade houses, training the local families how to manage them well, grow crops that thrive in this climate, pooling resources and developing multiple channels to market.

The Abraxys Team is now aiming to support the Angel Empowerment Fund by doing another 10k run. With this fund, a £200 startup business loan for a woman or young person, to launch their small business such as a chicken or goat farm, will set them on a path of transforming their lives. That same £200 when repaid will provide a loan for another entrepreneur in the community. In five years, that £200 will have given four entrepreneurs the chance to become successful and will keep on giving and giving. We often say that we make it easy for you to make a difference and this is a great example 🙂

I would like to encourage you to consider making the Tsavo Project a community you are passionate to support. It’s one of a few projects you can actually come with me on a volunteer trip and perfect for choosing a specific resource to fundraise for in your company, as a group or individually – as a marathon runner for example.

Every £200 donated to the Angel Empowerment Fund will provide one more person in Tsavo with start up funds for their new business. In 5 years, that same £200 will have provided funds for 4 starts up businesses.