Andrew WK

Andrew W.K.

“Everyone deserves to be loved and the world is a good place. I think our choice to believe in these fundamental ideas is the first step – the second is to turn those beliefs into actions. From what I’ve seen, Global Angels is a stellar example of turning ideas into actions. Love is a state of mind and a belief about the potential, and by actually moving our bodies, we can make these ideas into physical events. I greatly admire the ambition, focus, and raw courage of the Global Angels who have risked their lives in manifesting these beliefs. I’ve been inspired by their determined belief that all humans have the right to be loved and to pursue their own true will in a world of opportunity and freedom.”

Andrew W.K. was born Andrew Wilkes-Krier, in Stanford, California, on May 9th, 1979.  Trained in classical piano from age 5, Andrew had his big break after moving to New York City at age 18.  Famous for his positive personality and energized enthusiasm, Andrew has worked in every area of entertainment, from music to television to motivational speaking.

Having toured the world to spread his particular views on unconditional love and possibility, Andrew continues to expand on his abilities as a performer and entertainer, while maintaining his focus on pure sensation and open experience.