Rachel Petero

Molly Bedingfield Advisory Board, International Advisory Board

Rachel Petero

“I had the pleasure of meeting Molly at the launch event of my global business GENVIVA at the beautiful Haymarket Hotel in central London. There was an openness and honesty from both of them that I was instantly attracted to and I knew I wanted to do whatever I could to support Global Angels. The difference that they make for girls and women aligns with my business vision & personal values.”

Petero-13av1-310x206New Zealand born Rachel is the brain child and Founder of her own global gender & diversity business GENVIVA Ltd. After 22 years in the corporate world she has turned her passion, experience, knowledge and commerciality into a pioneering business that will ‘Transform today’s global organisations for tomorrow’s women’. Living in London for the last ten years with her husband John, Rachel brings HR, Talent, Resourcing and Change Management credibility to global organisations.
As a Maori woman, Rachel has a great history of strong female role models in her life. With two grandmothers now sadly passed they taught her about fighting for what is right and going out in the world to get what you want in life. Her mother Carolyn taught Rachel about work ethic and returned to study her Bachelor of Education at 40, graduating at 50 while holding down an evening job.

“I look back now and acknowledge all the women role models I have had throughout my life including our Maori queen Te Atairangikaahu who reigned for 40 years over the Tainui people of New Zealand. I am very proud to be of Tainui descent.

My business promotes equality and the power of equal gender representation in business is a powerful proposition. Women are good for the economy and we make up half of the global population so we need to be in those board rooms working alongside men to make decisions for the good of society. It’s not about being better it’s about bringing different skill sets that complement each other to ensure we make commercial, sustainable decisions for society.”

Rachel and her husband John travel extensively both for work and pleasure. Visiting exotic locations and eating exotic cuisines is a favourite past time. With six nieces and nephews all growing up far too quickly in NZ Rachel and John love being the favourite aunty and uncle and practise being great role models everyday!