Robin Fishette

Robin Fischette

“The heroic can not be the common – if we want to truly be heroic we have to commit to do whatever it takes to heal the world, one person, one family, one community, one country, one day at a time. Global Angels invites us to Step Up, and be an Angel – to be heroic. I’m earning my wings and so can you …everyone can be an Angel.”

Robin Severn-Fischette is a passionate entrepreneur.

She is the Co-Founder, partner, décor designer, producer and Chairwoman of Go West Creative (GWC), a full-scale experiential, creative agency & production company that was recently recognized as the “It” top 100 creative agencies. She is also the founder of The NesT Development Studios – a music, voiceover, film and TV project development company.

Because of her desire to focus corporate & small business America toward finding their soul, she has focused time and attention to developing her company, Creating 4A Cause, a full service consulting, marketing and strategy company with a holistic approach.

Robin has raised 3 beautiful daughters and an old English sheep dog – Murphy.