Bear Grylls Northwest Passage Expedition Begins!

Bear Grylls and team have now set off on their Northwest Passage expedition this weekend! How exciting!
They have reached Resolute Bay, one of the furthest outposts in the Arctic, and the must-pass-thru location for anyone attempting to reach the North Pole from Canada!

Bear gave this update in his daily blog…

“Summary is, we’re having a blast. Trip of a lifetime. Lots of joking and laughing, and then the occasional very serious moment which keeps us on alert all the time. Everyone is in great spirits. […] Tomorrow we’re departing early. Not at sunrise, because that’s pretty much right after sunset. We’ve got our longest day yet in front of us, and all we know for certain is that there is a large ice field just outside of Resolute Bay that I can see from the window of our motel. But we’re rested and ready for it.”

See the full blog here…

Sounds like everything is going well – they are a long way off from completing their mission but we have every confidence in their team.

Track Bear’s progress in the ‘Rib Tracker’.

Bear is raising money to provide safe water for kids and to heighten awareness of the effects of climate change on poor communities struggling for basic needs such as clean water to drink.

Check out some photos below from the first part of Bear & team’s Northwest Passage expedition, one again, Good Luck!