Joggaripalli – Azad Viriji

Joggaripalli, India

Well Provided by Azad Viriji

Community name: Joggaripalli
Population: 1000
Number Of Houses in Village: 155
Old Water Source: Due to irregular water supply from the Government by water tap, local people have to walk a 3 km distance in order to fetch the water.
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°40.181N 079°01.845E

“Previously when our community was without a well, we had to walk 3 kilometres to the next village, who didn’t welcome us, and would give us trouble. Now we’re not going anywhere else for water, and our village is happy to be saved from the tension of a serious water scarcity problem. Many, many thanks to Mr.Azad Veriji, Global Angels and drop4drop.”
Mrs. Chinnakka
34 years old


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