Molly and Nikola Step Up and skydive 15000 ft over Wanaka, New Zealand!

Global Angels Founder/CEO/resident daredevil Molly and her daughter and Global Angels Ambassador Nikola Bedingfield performed a skydive over Wanaka this week with the help of our amazing Ambassador Wendy Smith.

Global Angels founder Molly Bedingfield and her daughter Nikola recently stepped up to the skydive challenge from 15000 feet above Wanaka. They have been travelling around to discuss the launch of Global Angels in New Zealand.

Molly has returned to her home country of New Zealand to discuss the opportunity to launch the charity here, as we all know that so many New Zealander’s are keen to make a difference in the world and in New Zealand!


She feels so lucky to have her children – Daniel, Natasha, Nikola and Joshua working as it’s ambassadors – two of whom are international singing stars and another in the making !! The family have all been involved right from the start – believing that the world needed a new level of transperency, in that when you donate money, you know where it is going.

Global Angels has many International Ambassadors helping spread the word including celebrity role model Angels Natasha Bedingfield (Mollys daughter), Daniel Bedingfield (Mollys Son), Hayley Westenra, Bear Grylls, Joss Stone and it is so wonderful when they step up and support our adventures like this one.


Molly and Nikola loved the experience but it was all for an amazing cause- a water well in India. For just £1500 a water well can be installed to provide pure drinking water for a village of over 1,000 people. There is still time to support this cause.

Wanaka Skydive sponsored the jump complete with camera crew. Global Angels would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts