Palugurallapalli – Claire Hill

Palugurallapalli, India

Well Provided by Claire Hill

Community name: Palugurallapalli
Population: 2300
Number Of Houses in Village: 360
Old Water Source: All villagers were carrying water across fields from the outskirts of town from a single and over-relied upon water source.
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°52.044N 078°55.914E

“Thanks a lot to Claire Hill for helping our community with a drinking water borewell and solving our community’s water scarcity problem. Now it’s very convenient for us to get water, as the well is nearer to our homes. Previously we had to walk 2 kilometres to fetch water, but now we can get water easily at any time of day or night. Once again thanks to the donor and to Global Angels & drop4drop.”
Mrs. Mary
33 years old


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