Emergency School Feeding and Classroom Building

It only costs £40 to feed one more child a year through our School Feeding Program!


In the last few years the Tsavo region has been hit by particularly severe droughts and crop failure, making it even more difficult for families to survive, making a school feeding programme vital over the next two to three years.

Many women and children are walking up to 10-15km each day in their search for safe drinking water resulting in lower school attendance.

We are working on ensuring the 14,000 people living in this region have the long term solution of continuous access to water for household needs, agriculture and safe drinking water. Till then, this particular community needs a short term solution of a school feeding program during the crisis.

Through our school feeding programs, each child receives a nutritious meal providing 60% of their daily food requirement every school day. In the long term education helps break the intergenerational cycle of poverty allowing a community to thrive.

Sasyeni School Emergency School Feeding Programme 

From 2014 – 2016 Global Angels provided funding for school meals at the Sasyeni Primary School, Tsavo. There are 740 children between 5-18 years of age who benefited from the meals, to help families get through the effects of drought. We have successfully completed our funding commitment for the emergency school feeding programme in Sasyeni Primary School, Tsavo, Kenya.  We have now redirected our focus into a more sustainable long term nutritional programme. We are heavily investing in long term sustainable food security through developing agriculture and water supplies in the region.

Bondeni Preschool  Emergency School Feeding Programme 

In February 2019 we launched an emergency school feeding programme for the Bondeni Pre-School, a small local village pre-school with 30 children. Almost half of the 5-6year olds in the school are malnourished, to the extent they have stunted growth and clear signs of malnutrition. We are providing these little ones with our own Global Angels nutritious and delicious porridge mix for breakfast and lunch. Our team are working with the teachers, parents and health authorities to develop a longer-term solution for this pre-school, where we will also measure the impact on the children’s health and growth over the next two years.


What we are doing right now


Donate £40 and Feed and Educate one more child for a year.


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