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Since the 2 clinics have been running, the rate of malaria has decreased from 25% to under 3%

Clinic_midwife_checking_patientIn 2012-14 Global Angels funded two mobile health clinics in remote mountainous regions within the Karen State, Burma, serving around 5,683 displaced people living in the jungle within the Karen State, near the Thai/Burmese border. In the mountains of Karen State, basic primary healthcare can make a huge difference, where the under 5 child mortality rate is roughly 1 in 7 and pregnancy‐related complications kill 1 in 23 women. In the mountain areas of Karen State, many years of civil war has impeded development. The first problem is difficulty of travel (lack of roads) from the mountains to the plains area where clinics are located. The second obstacle is that while the service is free in name, all medicines and services must be purchased at a high price. Finally, Karen villagers still fear to go into the city of their long‐standing oppressors, even given the current ceasefire.

Managed by our on-the-ground partners, the clinics work to maintain a health system throughout remote villages. Each clinic provides health campaigns, reproductive health services and dental services. The clinics and medical staff are able to respond to common emergencies such as obstructed labour and in some cases amputations for land mine victims. Without doctors or hospitals nearby, the medics in these clinics are very courageous. They are now able to identify and treat the variety of life-threatening illnesses they encounter, caring for these rural communities on a daily basis. With targeted training and a short list of effective and inexpensive medications, the medics are providing an invaluable service. They are saving lives, improving public health, and making brighter futures for their communities.

Since the 2 clinics have been running, the rate of malaria has decreased from 25% to under 3%, thanks to the education the medics provide and the provision of simple items such as malaria nets. The most common diagnoses were: respiratory infection, anemia, diarrhea, worms, gastric upset, and malaria. The clinics provided school health services, assisted the villagers to implement sanitation projects, and educated people on nutrition.

This year in 2016, Global Angels is fundraising to provide 2 more clinics costing £5,000 each for 1 year. The clinics are located in Thaton District Clinic (Northern Karen State) and Dooplaya District Clinic (Southern Karen State).

We are also looking for the donation of in-kind equipment and medicines for the clinics and medics. Please contact us if you can help.


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