Lukodi Project, Uganda

Empowerment for child victims of war

In Lukodi we have created a sustainable and replicable long-term village of refuge and care for teenage mothers and their children.

CVI-Children-11-1024x860For the last 25 years, the rebel group The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has been terrorising communities in northern Uganda in a brutal civil war. More than 65,000 children have been abducted from their homes and forced to be the mules, foot soldiers, and sex slaves of this “army”.

We partner with projects working in Lukodi, near Gulu, who have created a sustainable and replicable long-term village of refuge and care for teenage mothers and their children; girls who have been abducted, brutally treated and forced to serve as soldiers and “wives” of rebel commanders.

Schools and Vocational Centre

Global Angels provided funds for building the boarding school, vocational center and refurbishment of an abandoned primary and secondary school for 750 local children. We now provide seeds, cows and other animals for the beginnings of a sustainable farm and business, the first six months food and education for the young families in the program and a van for transport.

Medical Clinic

We also match funded the refurbishment and set up costs to run a medical clinic for 12,000 patients. This is the only medical care for many miles.

Brick Making Machine

In 2010, Ambassador Bonita Norris raised funds for the children’s village in Uganda through her record-breaking climb of Mt Everest. Her donation has provided a brick making machine for the project, which is now helping to build a rehabilitation village for child victims of war. The machine is producing 1,000 bricks a day!

We received this inspiring thank you video direct from Uganda, reporting back on how the funds raised by Bonita have been used. Below are also some pictures of the project and machine in action!

Income Generation Projects – Bakery

We have also funded a bakery school within the project. The girls supply the local city with bread and cakes, helping the project to become sustainable and giving them the skills needed to start their own businesses in the future.

Funds generated from the Bakery Project are helping to finance the center so that it will become self-sustainable in the long term. It will also provide practical experience for girls as well providing an opportunity for them to begin supporting themselves and their families.


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